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Additional Services


Injury Rehabilitation

Crimson Therapies provides physical therapy rehabilitation of orthopedic injuries or difficulty for those that are currently experiencing pain or movement limitation either in everyday life or in sport/general fitness routine.

Injury Prevention

Often pain and injury stem from the compensation that comes from limited flexibility, strength, or inefficient movement patterns. Crimson Therapies works to focus on identifying those issues before pain and injury occur.

Golf Mobility Assessment

Everyone knows that a golf swing requires a specific technique in order to be successful and working with a golf teaching professional can go a long way to help a golfer with his/her swing mechanics. What if your body just cannot get into or control those vital positions throughout the swing?

Telehealth Appointments

Having pain and not sure what treatment approach would be best for your situation? A telehealth visit is a great way to have a physical therapy assessment of your individual issues and an evaluation of any movement patterns that may be contributing to your pain.

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