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Golf Movement Assessment

Everyone knows that a golf swing requires a specific technique in order to be successful and working with a golf teaching professional can go a long way to help a golfer with his/her swing mechanics. What if your body just cannot get into or control those vital positions throughout the swing?  This will dramatically limit the efficacy of your practice rounds or sessions with your pro.  So, how do you figure out what may be holding you back?


I offer a 90-minute assessment to determine how your mobility and stability may be affecting your golf swing. This assessment can not only help to provide insight as to how to improve the mechanics of your swing but also can help in preventing pain and injury that may limit your ability to continue playing.


What the Assessment Consists Of:


  • Evaluation of upper and lower body flexibility

  • Evaluation of upper and lower body strength

  • Assessment of stability through a Functional Movement Screen

  • Video of front and side views of your golf swing

  • Development of an individualized exercise program based on your Assessment results


I then set up and teach you an individualized exercise program (along with a written copy) to work on based on the results of your Assessment in order to address your personal needs. Finally, I offer follow-up sessions to progress your program and address any other issues that may arise. 


Once you address the anatomy that is affecting your swing mechanics, I recommend you work with a golf professional to learn how to use your newfound mobility and strength in your swing. If you choose to, I am happy to collaborate with your golf pro for a more complete solution to your golf performance.


For more information or to schedule an Assessment, please contact us at 561-674-4475 

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