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Updated: Jul 30, 2021

5 Exercises You Can Do With Exercise Tubing

Exercise bands

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Getting stronger does not need to take a lot of time or equipment. There is very effective work that you can get done with a simple piece of equipment or two (or none for that matter). Exercise tubing is a very versatile piece of equipment that you can use and it takes up no room at all!

You can purchase exercise tubing online or at your local sporting goods store. You want to get bands that have handles on them (most do) and many will come in a “kit” which includes different strength of bands and a door anchor. Here is an excellent economical option. I recommend starting with a light or medium resistance which you can choose when you purchase it.

The door anchor is a handy little thing that lets you “pinch” the anchor in a closed door and allow you to pull on the bands for your exercises without damaging the door (as shown in lower left picture, below). Otherwise, you can also attach them to a door handle or other sturdy object.

You want to make sure that the band is anchored at or just below chest level and you can start with a light to medium strength band.

Here are five exercises that you can do to focus on your arm strength. You want to do 12 to 15 repetitions of each of the exercises and make sure that you are doing them slowly and with control.

1. Shoulder Pull Back

Exercise Tubing arm exercises

Stand facing the anchor and have one handle in each hand. Keeping your elbows straight, pull your hands back to the sides of your legs, hold for 3 seconds and then slowly release your hands forward.

2. Rowing

Exercise tubing arm exercises

In the same position as in #1, pull the band backwards by bending your elbows (moving the points of your elbows behind you). At the end of the pull, pinch your shoulder blades together in the back and hold for 3 seconds and then release slowly.

3. Chest Press

Exercise tubing arm exercises

Stand with your back to the anchor and hold a handle in each hand. Bring the handles to each shoulder and push your hands straight out in front of you until your elbows are straight. Slowly return to the start position.

4. Side Pull Down

Exercise tubing arm exercises

Standing with your right shoulder closest to the anchor and hold one handle in your right hand. Keeping your elbow straight, pull your right hand to the side of your right leg and hold for 3 seconds. Slowly release the tension. Once you finish with the right arm, turn around and do with the other arm.

You may have to run the handle through the anchor loop 1-2 times to prevent the loose handle from pulling through the loop when you pull using only 1 handle.

5. Bicep Curls

Exercise tubing arm exercises

Stand on the middle of the band with one foot (you can play with where you step on it to increase or decrease the tension, as needed). Holding a handle in right hand, bend your elbow bringing the handle to your right shoulder, then slowly lower down. Repeat on the left arm as well.

There you have it! A targeted arm work out that does not take a lot of time or require a lot of equipment. I recommend you work on these 3-4 times per week or can you mix them into your existing upper body fitness routine.

Grab them when you walk by and pump out some reps to increase your strength during the day (or night).

exercise tubing exercises

Want other strengthening ideas to try at home? Check out the other GET FIT WITH 5 exercises that you can do with an exercise ball, sliders, body weight, and mini bands.

You can do a killer workout at home with these 4 simple pieces of equipment and they do not take up much space at all! All the best!

If you would to download or print out a quick reference sheet of these exercises, sign up to access our FREE Resources page.

Stay Well & Feel Good,

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Always consult your physician before beginning any exercise program. This general information is not intended to diagnose any medical condition or to replace your healthcare professional. Consult with your healthcare professional to design an appropriate exercise prescription. If you experience any pain or difficulty with these exercises, stop and consult your healthcare provider.

Dr. Kim MacDonald, physical therapist

Hi! I am Dr. Kim MacDonald. I am a physical therapist who specializes in empowering my patients to optimize how they move their bodies and improve their ability to do the things they love regardless of age, experience, or capabilities.

My experience in the health care field allows me to teach the tools you need to ensure that you are working safely to improve your pain and maximize your physical potential.

If you would like to know more about how you can help yourself be healthier and live a more active lifestyle, join me here

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